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Hey! My names Alyssa. im 18, from New York and I am a firefighter. Enjoy my blog and feel free to share stories!

Anonymous said: would you recommend firefighting to someone who is looking into it? currently thinking about changing majors to fire science to pursue the career?

I would recommend joining a volly department first before you make that decision. After a few weeks of being there I knew i wanted to be in the fire service for my career. It was like that too with others i have talked to. You still have time before classes start!! Also, if you want to talk privately just message me and let me know you are the one interested in switching majors and i will keep everything private. I do with conversations anyway (unless i hit the wrong button then there is no going back and i pray to god they find my answer)


The Block is Hot.  #brooklyn #fdny #kooleyhigh #cloudy #newyork #fiyah

FDNY firefighters conduct controlled burn experiments on Governor’s Island to test new, wind-driven firefighting techniques, 2008.

#FDNY  (at FDNY Engine 54, Ladder 4,  Battalion 9  Time Square 48st and 8th ave)

Ooops! Do you think they’ll notice? #momitwasanaccident #cheeky #FDNY

Morning Emergency #FDNY #parkslope #Brooklyn #firetruck #nyc #america #usa #vscocam